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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  September 19, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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1999. no joke, 26. plus starting center irving is out too. we'll tell you who takes over at center. and as for the game a great start winds up with bad finish. throw in a couple horrible calls and the browns have now sitting at 0-2. so there is a lot to talk about and we have the best people in town to sort it out. josh cribs, the great cribs and mary kay cabot join us in studio. channel 3 news at 7:00 is next. every time he gets up he's getting up slower and slower with a more pronounced shake of something that is hurting.
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welcome everybody to our special edition of channel 3 news at 7:00. and i thought in the first quarter yesterday what a wonderful show we'll have and monday night at 7:00 to talk about a browns win at the baltimore ravens instead a 20-0 lead winds up at a 20-20 loss. josh mccown injured no doubt about it. took a beating. by the the end of the day and post game situation it was revealed that he is injured and period of time. right now they are saying it's week to week. it's either a clavicle issue or an injured shoulder but he will not play against miami. it was a gallant effort to be sure by the 37-year-old mccown yesterday. >> everybody is a little disappointed we didn't protect for him better. to give him a chance to stay out there. but he has the complete trust and respect of the locker room.
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the rookie out of southern cal. the third round draft choice and a lot of people thought selected way too early for what he did in the walk up to the draft. but he is here and now he's the guy. kessler on being prepared to start against the miami dolphins. >> you never know what will come. you just have to be ready. just stay ready. and i'm excited. for a chance to go out and compete. and whether it's this week practice or the game, i'm very excited to get an opportunity to show what i can do and show the hard work i've been putting in. >> let's dive into it with mary kay cabot and the great cribs is joining us. why does this keep happening? why are these quarterbacks keep getting hurt? maybe it's a bad offensive line. maybe it's a bad offensive line. maybe they don't protect them. >> i think they could protect their quarterbacks better.
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offensive line. i really don't. i think these guys were gunning for josh. they do have to protect the quarterback better. but i wouldn't go so far if say it was bad. >> both guys have been hurt running around back there. when rg3 got hit, yes it was on the sideline. [ technical difficulties ] >> when the two of you were with me last monday we talked about the plan being rg3 and developing him and having mccown as insurance and still allowing kessler to wait. now that is completely gone. let me just update.
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we do not have rg3 and mccown is gone. their plan right now, where is it? what condition is it in? >> hue jackson said trust me. trust me will be on display in miami and it's an opportunity for hue jackson and everybody to take a look and see if cody kessler can play. if nothing else, they will get a read on him. >> you liked kessler. you supported the pick. >> injury i think he may be one of these guys. remember great quarterbacks have been found not in the draft but the second day after injury. having the opportunity just like this. this night be our next quarterback. this might be our future. and we'll find out real soon. >> but as you point out right there at the very least we're going to finally know about him. right? we'll know whether he might be the guy or whether they have to move on again next year. >> yeah.
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they wered a mat that he could be an nfl starting quarterback. they both said trust me. and shashie went so far to say, i wouldn't sleep on cody kessler. they believed in him. and he's part of the reason they passed up on paxton lynch and connor cook. >> let's move on to another bad injury. scary scene. struggling all day before that. that was not the injury that sent him to the hospital. but he was struggling all day. where are you on irving? >> well, i'm like this. irving as well as whole offensive line. and you know, excluding joe thomas. the whole offensive line is being reviewed. they are giving up a lot of picks on mccown. all the hits you just said that
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>> mary kay here's my problem. let's go along the line. pastor is at right tackle. he's been on the left side. he's been on the right side. greg koa will be a center. he's been a center and a guard. irving started out as a defense i lineman and went to defensive lineman and tackle. they are mixing an too much. why not draft a center or draft a tackle and keep mitchell schwartz? your answer to that is what? >> they should have kept schwartz. i firmly believe that. >> absolutely. bad move. >> that is something they will have to overcome. as far as john greg koa. he has more experience than cam at center. >> but you get my point don't you? let me throw another point at you. the kid decastro who is the
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be a tackle, not to be a center, to be a guard. it's not sexy but it works. >> cam irving received rave reviews for his play at center. even though it was only five starts. they felt he was a better center. >> they are still revealing the team as a whole. when you talk about guys getting injured and hurt, they are still in a rebuilding phase. and this is another rebuilding phase. they will see what we have. let's move on. >> if you were lining up behind that offensive line, would you be a little antsy? >> absolutely. they will move the ball outside of the pock. >> do you think kessler can do that? >> i think the scary thing going into this weekend is that the dolphins have a very formidable tonight. those four guys. >> yes, they do.
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run for his money. so this is going to be a very, very difficult task. and that is why hue jackson was like i think we will start. he almost was noncommittal about it. >> officiating yesterday and the call on terrell prior late in the game which took away a chance for the browns to win the game first and goal at the ten. good start to the show.
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including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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here's mccown back to pass. he steps, throws. pryor is going to get it. intercepted by mosley at the two yard line and that will do it.
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it was 20-0 and it ended up 25- 20. they had a last drive that was looking good and looking really good with 21 seconds left to go in the game. terrell pryor caught a pass to the ten yard line. he is called for taunting because he dropped the ball and hit the defender who was on the ground. a lot of talk about this. your position on this. >> absolutely horrible call. terrelyo and he went to flip the ball to the ref. at that same exact time. webb stands up and it took him in the shoulder pads. he went and tried to flip the ball back to the ref. it wasn't even that ref that called it. it was one that was five yards away. >> your position on this is what? >> you don't call that in the moment of the game where it matters the most. those are the warnings that you
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that was a horrible call. >> let me just say this. i don't think we lean on officials a lot in cleveland. we just accept we didn't play well and lost the game. that crew was terrible. he got caught in a little situation after a pass play. and after a big play. and he ended up getting hit right here. he gets nailed twice. the one that gets caught is that one. they always say it's the second guy that gets nailed. so is that what do you tell him? >> right. he tells you the same thing. you have to be smart. play between the whistles. he's letting him know you are a rookie in this league. you have to be smart. the game is on the line. just like that call with pryor, you though, i thought it was a bad call. it shouldn't have been called. these guys have to be aware, hand the ball to the ref. >> is there a built in?
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we are not going to give them calls. is there a built in prejudice? is it like the nba? >> yesterday it seemed like every call went in the ravens stadium. when mccown gave himself up, the guys piled on him. 20-2 is no excuse. >> i want to make this point. i though they are young an offense and they will struggle and young on defense and struggling but they are getting better. i don't think there is any excuse to be bad on special teams. and right now josh they are bad on special teams. >> they are not playing pretty well on special teams. previous week with that fake punt and this week with givens up the touchdown and the muchs
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out for him. we talked about this earlier. the coach agains the brunt of the force. he's dealing with a lot of young players. >> what do you feel about it? i thought that deb hester toyed with them yesterday. on those returns. >> you are looking at a 48-yard kick off return this game. 40-yard punt return this game. you have issues on fake punts and block kicks. even the 52-yard field goal. >> it seems as though we are ju catch on returns. not return. just catch it. >> right. and they haven't solidified a special return.
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>> hue jackson he's going to have to step in and pay more attention to special teams. >> is there enough hours in the day that he has to spend time on that? when we come back an update on today's big news stories. first up more bodies linked to a suspected serial killer. what we are learning about the latest cases. plus let the sunny streak continue. our little ray of sunshine is back in studio.
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in a press conference earlier in the day marian county sheriff said he confessed the a killing there from more than a decade ago. he was upset over a magazine delivery that went wrong and investigators say that led him to killing an unidentified woman. the womans remain were not discovered until 2007. officials are look into the possibility that greg was involved in the death of a mansfield woman in 2015. during a video hearing this
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to two murder charges and a kidnapping charge. the suspect who was wanted in a series of bombs that exploded in new york city saturday night and a series of explosive devices found in new jersey late last night is in police custody tonight. police took 28-year-old ahmad rahami into custody shortly after 11:00 this morning following a gun battle in linden, new jersey. two police officers were shot in the chest during that take down but not seou rahami was wounded in the shootout and is recovering in a area hospital. police are look for a man that peered into a girls window and tried to break in. it happened at 1:00 in the morning. the girl inside screamed, scaring him off. police say he fled in a blue or green colored four-door car possibly a chevy. he is described in his mid 20s
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investigators are not linking to this whether recent attempted abduction cases. akron police officer is on paid administrative leave after he shot and killed a suspect who was reaching for an assault rifle. officers responded to a disturbance on florida avenue where there was a fight, they saw the suspect walk to a van and reach for the rifle. police say the suspect refused to obey their commands to not touch that gun. once he picked up the rifle that is when they shot and killed him. the suspects name is being withheld until the family is being notified. no officer were injured during the altercation. let's check in on the weather and back there a week off here is betsy. >> i was at a conference. a weather conference. >> that is right. that does not count. [ laughter ] upper 50s and low 60s with some clouds moving in
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comfortable night. the clouds coming in are associated with a dying cold front. if that moves our way the showers and thunderstorms associated with that front will fade we will start off in the low 60s with partly cloudy skies. sun will break out as we get into the afternoon. very beautiful day. lake erie looking good. southwest to north west wind 5- 10. as the winds turn, we will get a little bit of a going. here's a look at your window nation forecast. we will be in the low to mid 80s for high temperatures tomorrow. the partly cloudy skies early. mostly sunny skies as we head through the latter part of the day. wednesday mid 80s. same for thursday. and at 10:21 a.m. on thursday fall officially begins and right on cue the temperatures are going to be headed back toward more typical top temperatures for this time of the year. we'll be in the 70s as we head into the weekend.
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hit the road. do they go to miami for a conference? or for a game?
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the ravens say they are back after that 5-11 year last year. so they are 2-0. pittsburgh beat cincinnati to go to 2-0 and there you have the rest of the division. the browns are on their way to miami and you have a couple 0-2 teams in that ball game coming up. do they sit with cody kessler right now as we sit here tonight and are they working with him to get him ready?
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evening. >> i think you are right about that. they were. >> if you see during the game, he was ready to go in. and they didn't know mccown's health then either. >> he's an extremely hard worker and he has played in a west coast offense before at ufc. so he does have some experience in this. i think he will rely heavily on josh mu cow wan. >> when you play at ufc and before the rams got there, that is like playing on an nfl team out there in games. >> yeah. but nothing quite as big as playing in an nfl in front of the nation and everybody. that is a whole different level. i think he is ready. he will be able to take the challenge head on. >> what kind of game plan do you give him? >> you have to move the ball a lot. >> does it become carell and duke johnson? >> you have to run the ball a
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they know that they are in a quarterback situation. they know they will have to try to baby this quarterback. so they will be stacked up to stop the run. to stop the short pass. i believe they need to come out throwing the ball down field. something people don't know they will do. >> i want to go back to the beginning of the day. at least at the beginning of the game i said to myself, boy, look at them go. this is what could happen with this hue jackson offense. and in qume weeks is back. is that what you feel? that's what he is all about, explosive. always go for it. >> you saw the potential of what this team could be. you saw the potential of what cory coleman could do. >> absolutely. cover key is a player that med extremely toughly contested. >> i would feel a lot better about corey coleman tonight than last monday night. >> you saw in the one touchdown
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>> all right. we'll see what happens next sunday when the browns are in miami to take on the dolphins. cody kessler is the man. entertainment tonight is coming up next. we're all baubling at 11:00
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this is "e.t." >> are you ready for this? >> ready or not -- >> hello! >> -- "e.t." has all the surprises youdi >> i've been here before. >> from a-list red carpet collisions -- >> maybe if you grab him. >> oh! >> -- to the backstage tears. >> i love you. >> that will get you every time. >> we're celebrating the people versus o.j.'s big night. >> i'm going to take my shoes off. >> the allnight parties, the jaw-dropping fashion. >> the underwear? >> where was beyonce.


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